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Devices notes gathered from the libratbag project

This site keeps tracks of the various features of the devices we are supporting in libratbag.

It does not contain protocol information for legal reasons. Please keep it to only general observations and public data (like the number of supported profiles, the DPI capabilities, the number of buttons, etc…).

Etekcity devices

  • Scroll 6E
  • Scroll Alpha

Logitech devices


These mice are listed as supported by LGS. This suggests onboard profiles and programmable buttons.

Year Model Driver ID
2007 G9 1.0 c048
2008 G9x 1.0 c066
2009 G500 1.0 c068
2010 G700 1.0 c06b + c531
2011 G300 G300 c246
2011 G400    
2012 G9X: CoD 1.0 c249
2012 G600 ?  
2013 G100s ? c247
2013 G400s ? c24c
2013 G500s 1.0 c24e
2013 G602 2.0 c537
2013 G700s 1.0 c07c + c531
2014 G302 2.0 c07f
2014 G402    
2014 G502 2.0 c07d
2015 G300s G300 c246
2015 G303 2.0 c080
2016 G502 P. Spectrum 2.0 c332
2016 G900 2.0 c539
2016 Pro Gaming Mouse    
2016 G403 2.0 c082
2016 G403 Wireless    
2017 G203    
2017 G603    
2017 G703    
2017 G903    


Other devices that support hid++ protocols. Supported by set point.

  • G5
  • G5 2007
  • M325
  • M570
  • M705
  • MX Master
  • T650

Razer devices

The EULA of the Razer configuration tool prevents us to reverse engineer their protocol. Until we have legal access (or maybe a clean room implementation), we can not support those devices in libratbag.

Roccat devices

  • Kone XTD

Device owners

Model Owner
Etekcity Scroll 6E @bentiss
Etekcity Scroll Alpha @dvdhrm
Logitech G9 @phomes
Logitech G100s @phomes
Logitech G300 @phomes
Logitech G303 @whot
Logitech [G500s] @whot
Logitech G400s @phomes
Logitech G502 @bentiss
Logitech G600 @bentiss
Logitech G700 @bentiss
Logitech G900 @bentiss
Logitech MX Master @bentiss
Logitech T650 @whot / @bentiss
Logitech T651 @bentiss
Logitech Wireless Touchpad @whot / @bentiss
Razer DeathAdder Chroma @whot
Razer Imperator 2012 @bentiss
Roccat Kone XTD @whot